Url encoder/decoder

Welcome to our Online URL-encoder! Easily encode and decode strings for URLs with a click.


Paste your string in the input form and click on “Encode” or “Decode” button.

Why the string must be encoded to use in URL?

URL encoding is necessary to ensure that special characters within a string do not interfere with the structure and functionality of a URL. URLs have a specific format, and they use reserved characters for specific purposes. For example, the question mark (?) is used to indicate the start of a query string, and the ampersand (&) is used to separate parameters within the query string.

If a string contains characters that have special meanings in a URL, such as spaces, question marks, or ampersands, it can lead to misinterpretation by browsers or servers. URL encoding replaces these problematic characters with special codes, allowing the string to be safely transmitted within a URL without causing errors.

Example: nanomachines, son!nanomachines%2C%20son!.

For instance, if you have a space in your string and you try to include it directly in a URL, it might be converted to \"%20\" during encoding. Similarly, other special characters have their own encoded representations. This process ensures that the URL remains valid and functions as intended, preventing issues related to character interpretation and URL parsing.