Base converter

Tool that allows you to convert numbers from one numeral system to another.

Binary (2)
Decimal (10)
Hex (16)
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Enter your number in the field with the appropriate number system and it will be converted to all other systems automatically. There are thee preset fields with most common bases and two which you can choose yourself.

Numeral systems

A numeral system is a way of representing numbers using symbols, such as digits or letters.

The most common numeral systems are decimal, binary, and hexadecimal. Decimal uses 10 symbols (0-9) to represent numbers, binary uses 2 symbols (0-1) to represent numbers, and hexadecimal uses 16 symbols (0-9 and A-F) to represent numbers.

To convert a number base, you need to know the value of each symbol in the original and the target numeral system, and how to perform arithmetic operations with them. Alternatively, you can use an online number converter to do the calculation for you.

Convert easily!

An online number converter is tool that lets you enter a number in any numeral system and get the equivalent number in another numeral system. It is a fast and easy way to convert a number base without doing any manual calculations.