Fuel consumption converter

Welcome to our online Fuel Consumption Converter – the one-stop solution for all your fuel efficiency conversions!


Whether you're tracking fuel consumption for your vehicle or comparing efficiency metrics, our user-friendly tool has you covered.

All units at once

Our converter immediately converts to all units of measurement of fuel consumption. Enter the original data in the according field, and the remaining fields will be filled in with the translated data.

Our tool presents all the common units of liquid fuel consumption: liters per 100 kilometers, kilometers per liter, miles per gallon (US and UK), gallons per 100 miles, liters per 100 miles and miles per liter.

Our converter supports both US and UK gallons, allowing you to tailor the results to your region's standards. Simply input your data, and watch as our online tool performs instant and accurate conversions, making it easy to navigate diverse measurement systems.

Be on the same page with your friends from the other side of the world in terms of fuel economy. Our online converter will instantly convert their fuel consumption into the units you are familiar with.