String Splitter Pro

Welcome to our cutting-edge online tool designed to effortlessly split strings according to your specific needs.


Whether you aim to break down a string by length, divide it into a set number of chunks, or by custom regular expression, our platform is here to streamline the process.

String Splitter features

With just a few clicks, you can split strings online, tailoring the output to meet your precise requirements:

  • Need to segment a text into equal parts? Simply type the desired number of chunks, and our tool will efficiently handle the division.
  • Perhaps you have a specific length criterion in mind. No problem – our tool allows you to split text seamlessly based on character count.
  • You can also split your text by a specific character or group of characters.
  • For those with a knack for regular expressions, our tool supports custom patterns, enabling you to execute complex string splitting operations effortlessly.

If you need not only to split a line, but also to separate the resulting pieces in a special way, use the corresponding fields: “Between”, “Before” and “After”.

You can also concatenate all the lines in the input field so that all the text is treated as a single line.

Say goodbye to manual string manipulation challenges. Embrace the efficiency of our online string splitting tool – your gateway to precision and convenience. Explore the possibilities and enhance your workflow with the simplicity of online string manipulation.