String tools

All tools for working with strings:

Base64 Encode and Decode

Online tool that encodes and decodes text into Base64 format. Instant result, with two buttons only.

Case converter

Transform your text with our user-friendly case converter. Change case easily, switch between upper and lower case effortlessly, and give your content a polished look.

Duplicate lines remover

DupliClean Pro is an online tool for removing duplicate lines from the list of lines

Line Joiner Tool

Join text pieces effortlessly and unite lines into a singular, polished result using our intuitive online tool.

Password generator

Generate random password and tune it by setting length, character set and readability with built-in password strength meter.

Random string generator

Online tool for creating random strings. You can set the line length, number of strings to generate, character set and alphabet

Shuffle lines

This tool mixes the lines order in your list using the Fisher-Yates Shuffle algorithm. As a result, a new completely randomized list.

Sort strings alphabetically

Effortlessly organize your data with our online string sorter. Quickly sort strings alphabetically from A to Z for a tidy and efficient list!

Sort strings by length

Streamline your data with this online String Length Sorter. Easily sort strings by length for a more organized and structured list in no time.

String Splitter Pro

Online tool for splitting long text strings into shorter chunks by length, number of chunks, characters ore regular expression.

Text Reverser

Make backwards text with our online text reverser. Unleash creativity and surprise with every reversed string.


Free online tool for counting text length. Instantly counts number of characters, lines and words. Also calculates length of selected string.

Url encoder/decoder

Online tool to encode and decode string for URL. It encodes some characters so data can be used in url.